Certified Backflow Prevention Specialist

As a certified backflow prevention tester and installer, 1 Plumber L.L.C. has the tools and experience required to help you keep the water on your property in the correct water lines. If you are experiencing backflow, or if you have not had your backflow preventer tested in a while, call us today at (724) 853-9736. We will ensure that your backflow preventer is in working order or install a new device for you. We offer certified backflow prevention testing and installation for businesses in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and across the Tri-State area.

Backflow system

Your plumbing system is comprised of multiple sub-systems to handle the various types of water on your property. The system is responsible for carrying your drinking water, heated water for cleaning, and other forms of water including the waste water. Waste water that gets backed up into this system is called backflow. If a malfunction occurs and causes waste water to back up and cross water lines, your drinkable water could be contaminated. The backflow preventer is a crucial component of your plumbing system that keeps your waste water seperate from the water lines carrying your clean water so that any risk of contamination is avoided.