At 1 Plumber L.L.C., we pride ourselves on our ability to solve any plumbing problem. If a bad water heater, faulty gas lines, clogged toilets or other malfunctions are making home less comfortable for you, count on us to get everything fixed. We will have your home plumbing system operational again in no time.


Don't let plumbing problems make a mess of your work day. 1 Plumber L.L.C. works on all aspects of commercial plumbing, from water main repairs to water line installation. We know that your business depends on your plumbing system, even if it's just to have running water for your employees, when plumbing issues crop up, we're here to help.

Backflow Prevention

As a certified backflow prevention tester and installer, 1 Plumber L.L.C. has the tools and experience required to help you keep the water on your property in the correct water lines. If you are experiencing backflow, or if you have not had your backflow preventer tested in a while, call us today at (724) 853-9736. We will ensure that your backflow preventer is in working order or install a new device for you. We offer certified backflow prevention testing and installation for businesses in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and across the Tri-State area.